Eleven Eleven Founder, Sara Morgan McDermott

Sara Morgan McDermott is the Founder and CEO of Eleven Eleven PR, a (non-traditional) public relations and marketing firm specializing in consumer-facing companies across a variety of verticals including food, hospitality, fashion, tech, education, etc.

Founded by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs, Eleven Eleven PR focuses on helping brands gain distribution, build and grow an engaged and loyal customer base, and create enduring brands with fresh and intelligent publicity strategies uniquely tailored to each client. Sara is an entrepreneur at heart, believes strongly in the importance of loving what you do, and is truly passionate about her work.

As the former Co-Founder of Tailored.co, a 500 Startups company, Sara handled business development and brand strategy. She was responsible for creating strategic partnerships, user acquisition, and overseeing all branding and public relations efforts.

As a graduate from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Broadcast News, Sara’s educational background is in on-air reporting, public relations, media study, and news writing. Sara’s broadcast experience has allowed her to understand how to effectively write and deliver a message that will an impact.